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And by our I mostly mean my blog.

This blog is a clash of creativity–meeting–problem solving–meeting–lifestyle with a few intersections thrown in because lets face it, that’s basically life.

You’ll find creative projects neatly laid out in their appropriate sections, like Sewing and Baking, just a click away for your exploration.

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Lynnette is the creative behind Joseph and Lynnette. She has a BA in English, focusing in Creative Writing, and never wanted to get stuck in a cubicle. She loves baking, sewing, crafting, and all things warm. If you read a post that contains more sass than the average, most likely it’s been written by her.
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Joseph is the brain behind Joseph and Lynnette. With a PhD in Computer Science Engineering, he is the one Lynnette calls for when technology goes amiss. He is smart, kind, and never fails to make Lynnette laugh. Posts which are technical, involve power tools, or are goofy in nature have been authored by him.