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:: Our Next Adventure ::

Welcome back! If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been dark for a while, and with a very good reason. Here’s what you’ve missed the last few months: In June I baked a two tier chocolate cake with toffee candies in the buttercream layers for a surprise birthday. It was a bit of a challenge, chocolate buttercream… Continue reading :: Our Next Adventure ::

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:: Tablet, Flowers, and Jethro ::

Just like that another month has gone by! Since spraining my foot and taking a week off, I jumped right back into the swing of things and have basically been working non stop on all the projects I want to get done. So much so that I haven’t really blogged about any of it! Don’t… Continue reading :: Tablet, Flowers, and Jethro ::

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:: The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge- Part 2 ::

If you’ve been following along, you will remember that when we purchased our home, it came with a second living room that was not at all livable. It was covered in super dark wood paneling with absolutely no lights whatsoever. A single window that provided excellent light was lost in all the darkness. A while… Continue reading :: The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge- Part 2 ::