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:: The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge- Part 2 ::

If you’ve been following along, you will remember that when we purchased our home, it came with a second living room that was not at all livable. It was covered in super dark wood paneling with absolutely no lights whatsoever. A single window that provided excellent light was lost in all the darkness. A while… Continue reading :: The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge- Part 2 ::

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:: Cupcake Bouquet — Fail

Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up ready to create a cute Valentine for my husband, and an awesome blog post for you all. And then things got rough… Lets pretend you are experiencing this as it happened to me, completely oblivious to the future struggles ::D.I.Y. Cupcake Bouquet:: As promised today I… Continue reading :: Cupcake Bouquet — Fail

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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table

In my previous blog post I mentioned I had some simple DIYs to share for thanksgiving. What I wasn’t expecting was a cold to knock me out the week before, today is the first day I’ve felt capable of doing anything, and I’ve spent it cleaning the house so no one else gets sick and… Continue reading Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table

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DIY Throw Pillow :: Sewing Saturday

It’s Saturday, and I have a really easy, quick project for you to knock out in a day, provided that you aren’t like me and mess up and your one day project spans two days. But trust me, I messed up so you don’t have to! Throw pillows are expensive. I cannot justify spending $35… Continue reading DIY Throw Pillow :: Sewing Saturday


The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge

In our search for a home, one thing we loved about the place we chose¬†was the fact that it needed minimal work. It was, and is, livable. Nothing needed a major overhaul, except this one room… These photos are untouched (besides the framed border) and where taken during the brightest time of day for this… Continue reading The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge