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:: 6 & 7 Month Update ::

Yes, its been too long since I’ve posted, and yes there are two months in one, and yes Eleanor is closer to 8 months than 7, but here we go!

These past two months have been a complete blur, they went way too fast and were filled with loads of milestones and adventures.


Lets start with Eleanor’s favorites and hate its


  • Orange rubber octopus that squeaks, she loves to chew it
  • Food
  • Jethro
  • Crawling
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Water


  • EVERYONE (she’s shy, and really only likes mom and dad at the moment, hoping it passes soon)
  • Not Walking & Standing (she wanted to skip crawling)
  • Naps


I’m sure there is more to that list, but I honestly can’t remember what, and that is my fault for doing these so late.

Anyway, Eleanor loves to eat, there is seldom this girl won’t devour upon placing in front of her. She’s been eating solids since a little bit before 6 months, and has just been self sufficient in it ever since. She hates purees unless they are in a pouch, she really just likes to assert her independence with food.

IMG_20180808_144605 - Edited

Eleanor also learned to crawl at the end of 6 months, and moved from that to immediately wanting to stand and walk. She was on the cusp of crawling for weeks, but kept trying to stand instead because honestly she just wants to be a big person. I tell her to slow down daily, but she doesn’t listen.

IMG_20180710_093107 - Edited

She loves Jethro, but honestly who doesn’t? She also isn’t napping too well, and I’m not doing a great job of figuring out why/how to get her to nap better. Some days are better than others. Eleanor loves playing with toys, watching other children play, and is overall a very observant child. She soaks up whats around her, then quickly picks up the skill she desires. I swear there is nothing this girl can’t do if she wants to do it. I fear for toddlerhood!

And since she is so close to 8 months, I’m probably forgetting a bunch of stuff, but oh well!

MVIMG_20180813_134527_1 - Edited

Be on the look out for a cake post because *drum roll* I’m getting back into the business. I have an order for a first birthday, and I’m hoping it goes well enough that I am confident in putting my info back out there. We just need to see how caking works with an infant underfoot goes before I want to fully dive in.

Thanks for checking in, see you soon! (hopefully)


IMG_20180808_144246 - Edited


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