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:: 5 Month Update ::

Another month down! I swear she just turned 4 months old, and here we are at 5. Parenthood just keeps getting better and better, and now that the weather is nice and Eleanor stays awake a bit longer between naps I’ve enjoyed taking her to loads of places.


Eleanor Louise 5 months old

:: Loves ::

  • Chewing everything
  • Swing at park
  • Dad
  • People watching
  • Tummy sleeping

:: Dislikes ::

  • Bottles
  • Mom leaving the room
  • Same toys
  • Sitting still


We’ve entered the teething stage! While a tooth has yet to make an appearance, it has become very obvious ones coming soon. She isn’t just putting things in her mouth to explore anymore, now she has purpose. Her bite is getting quite intense!

I’ve also been taking her to the park more as the weather isn’t so scorching recently, she loves the swing and watching all the kids play around her. In general she loves watching people, tracking their movements and studying what they are doing. She enjoys watching the kids at church play, the cashier scanning groceries, the librarian checking out our books. Place this girl front facing in her carrier and she will happily coo about for hours!


Eleanor has become a daddy’s girl recently, with huge smiles immediately upon sighting. Joseph will read Calvin and Hobbs to her forever and she just listens (mom can’t do that!). I’ve enjoyed the break it’s given me on the weekends!

One not so great thing is her recent refusal of bottles. From the start Eleanor has been exclusively breast fed, but we’ve given her a bottle in the past just to get her used to it. Well I guess too much time past since she had one, and I just had been lazy and not wanting to pump. I scheduled a much needed haircut for myself on a Saturday morning, and with her eating every 3 hours I wasn’t going to be here for a feeding. I pumped her a bottle and had it all ready, even had 2 others ready just in case she didn’t like the flow of this one. Well she refused them all. Thankfully I was home 20 minutes after her 3 hour mark, so she didn’t starve, but it apparently wasn’t a fun 20 minutes.

Our next goal is to reintroduce the bottle so in the future this doesn’t happen, I’d like to be able to leave the house for longer than 1-2 hours considering it takes 20-30 minutes just to get anywhere around here!


Another challenge with this one is her insane desire to move. She hates sitting still and tries so hard to crawl, scoot, squirm, squiggle etc. Her determination is scary considering she is only 5 months old! In her crib she is able to get up on her knees and push forward, but hasn’t quite figured out the whole arm support concept yet.

Oh, I almost forgot, along with people watching she loves watching us eat and has become curious about food. She isn’t quite ready to start weaning yet, but we are close. We give her a piece of pasta to hold, but when she brings it to her mouth she typically gets a disgusted look and throws it to the dog, much to Jethro’s delight. At 6 months we will begin the process of Baby Led weaning, just having fun with it all. I’m excited to see her try foods!


Eleanor seems to get bored really easily, with most of her toys being too familiar to her, that or maybe she’s just extra fussy today, but either way nothing keeps her focus for long in the house anymore! I’m hoping this changes or we can figure out what her issue is with her toys/play room.


:: Stay tuned as we have our first car trip with Eleanor coming up! Prayers for smooth travels, a not fussy baby, and an easy stay with family!


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