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:: 4 Month Update ::

We’ve hit 4 months with our sweet little girl! I wanted to wait until her 4 month well visit so I could add in all that info. I’ve also changed the format a bit, with the highlights up top and more details in the text, in case you just want the gist!


Eleanor Louise, 4 months old

12 lbs 7 oz 24 1/2 in


  • Bunny from Aunt Sara and Uncle Eric
  • Frozen’s “Let It Go”
  • Singing
  • Putting everything into mouth
  • Jethro


  • Sitting
  • Naps
  • Serious FOMO


By far this month has been the best yet, simply because we sleep trained her! Last month I talked about our struggles with sleep and how it was wearing us all thin, it hadn’t gotten any better, something needed to change. Eleanor clearly had been showing signs that she was ready to learn how to sleep on her own, we just needed to let her.

We moved her out of our room, into her crib, and never looked back. The first night went over so well I thought I was dreaming, and that it was a fluke. Clearly she was so exhausted she couldn’t physically stay awake. But then she slept well the next night, and the following, until now I can set her down at night with a kiss and a smile and she rolls over and drifts off! Her naps are still hit or miss, she fights a few but I think it’s mostly us not knowing exactly the correct schedule for her yet. But we aren’t suffering at all with sleep!

She’s rolling over like a champ, and recently loving sleeping on her tummy. Her preference is to roll from back to front, with no desire to roll the other way. While on her tummy she is so focused on scooting and trying to move forward that she doesn’t have time for your rolling nonsense. Our girl definitely is a mover, but we knew that!


Eleanor also developed a love for singing, she sings along to almost anything and has a few favorites. To my dismay she’s fallen in love with Frozen’s “Let It Go” especially when I sing along terribly! I’ve tried other more manageable tunes, but when she goes nuclear, it’s the only thing that calms her. Curse the Disney sing a long playlist for introducing it to us!

We spend our days smiling, singing, and exploring our world with trips to the library for new books with lots of color and pictures. Her favorites are anything by Dr. Seuss, simply because it’s fun for me to read and Eleanor just likes my voice and all the pictures. However she does have some serious FOMO and doesn’t want to miss anything that anyone is doing, she loves to just sit (or rather stand/be carried upright) and watch everyone around her.

At four months she has doubled her birth weight, and still going strong with her height! She’s the perfect blend of mom’s petite and dad’s height.

Let’s hope there will be another post between this and her 5 month update!

Thanks for checking in with us ~


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