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:: 3 Month Update ::

Where do I even begin? Well perhaps we should start by saying I probably have 10 minutes to finish this post before Eleanor wakes up from yet another short nap for the third straight week in a row. Yepp, this past month has been rough, perhaps the roughest yet. I know they say that babies get easier as they get older, and the newborn stage is the most difficult, but honestly that has not been the case with us.


Lets start by talking about the positives. Eleanor is growing fast and loves life. Seriously this girl doesn’t want to miss a thing. She is super curious about her world and wants to soak it all in. She loves to talk, smile, and giggle. We even caught her first full on laughter at the end of March.

With all this growing its no wonder we’ve had a rough month. A little after 10 weeks of age, we were hit with a perfect storm. Eleanor had her 2 month shots, got a cold, went through another major growth spurt, and another developmental leap, oh and probably the 4 month sleep regression early! Did I mention this all happened within the same 2 week span? Yeah its been rough over here. We are just now above water, but barely. My previously great sleeper has stopped sleeping, and there appears to be nothing I can do about it except ride the wave and hope the storm passes.


Seriously I’ve tried it all, read the books, done the tips, it just doesn’t work. This girl just has to get through it, hopefully coming on the other side a great sleeper. She is trying so hard to soothe herself back to sleep after waking up, but she just isn’t quite there yet, she still needs moms help. So we rock, sway, nurse 15 times a day just to get 45 minutes of sleep to start all over again. We are trying so hard, doing little things here and there, but I honestly think we just need time. Time for her to grow and her brain to develop the skills she needs. Although this week we’ve had progress, and hopefully we are heading out of it. Eleanor has successfully started to put herself to sleep on her own during some naps, and is learning to self soothe better. Here is hoping we come out on the other side well rested!

But for now I’m just enjoying this sweet girls personality, because despite the sleep regression, she truly is a wonderful baby who we love more than anything, my mom heart is so full and she is the best thing in the entire world.

Anyway Eleanor is awake now, so I’ve gotta go, see, I told you I only had 10 minutes!

Talk to you soon when the waves settle!


:: I really really really do want to be more consistent on this blog, I’ve been saying it for a while, but it’s hard finding what you want to talk about and balancing it all, most of my ideas happen as I am laying in bed for the night, and honestly instead of getting up and writing them down I choose sleep, because it is so precious and so fleeting in our season currently. If you are in this season, you get it, actually you probably didn’t even have time to read this post! Anyway I’m rambling, but it’s just nice to spend a few moments ‘talking’ to someone, even if it’s my computer screen.

Here’s some more cuteness for your day!


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