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:: 2 Month Update ::

Last Saturday Eleanor turned 2 months old! I Still can’t believe this little girl is ours, or how big she is getting. The last month has brought on so many milestones, and I know they are just going to increase from here on out.


First up, the smiles! This girl loves to smile at mom and ‘giggle’. Once she gains control over her voice, I’m sure her audible giggle will be just as cute as the facial giggle.



She is more alert and awake longer during the day, and sleeping great during the night usually waking up once or twice between 9pm and 7am. Though mom isn’t holding her breathe that this schedule will keep.

Her reflux is improving, though we still have bad days. At this point I feel fairly confident that it is something she will continue to grow out of, but I am still watching it and marking down symptoms and episodes for her doctor.



Eleanor recently went through an “I hate everyone and everything that isn’t mom” phase. If I put her down, screaming would ensue. She finally realized she was a separate person from me, and that scared her. She just needed reassurance that I was still here for her even if she wasn’t attached to me. Both mom and dad are much happier now that she’s getting past it.

Feeding has become an issue with me however. Eleanor is doing great, thriving and eating like a champ, however is having difficulties getting a good latch on the left. I think she may be developing torticollis, causing the issue. Until we can figure out for sure and get it resolved, its been a difficult balance finding the level of pain I am ‘comfortable’ with.


She’s grown a lot and doesn’t fit in many of her newborn clothes anymore, yet 3 month outfits are too big still, as well as some 0-3 month. There are no consistent clothing sizes, which I am used to as a petite adult, but didn’t realize that it literally started at birth. We are looking forward to the ending of winter so I don’t need to purchase more warm clothes, as from here on out all the sizes I have are spring/summer appropriate!


:: This weekend will be a first for little miss! We are traveling to Colorado to visit family, so expect a blog post all about how she did and flying on a plane with a 2 month old!

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