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Here we go folks, the nursery post is finally up! Better late than never.

When I found out little one was a girl I got really excited to decorate her room. Not to say if we had a boy I would’ve felt any different, but there is something about creating a space for a sweet little girl that just made me very happy. When I thought of how I wanted the room to feel, one thing came to mind: neutral enough that if for whatever reason little one came out as a boy, we could easily change things without being overwhelmed by walls of pink. Also I tend to enjoy neutral rooms with pops of color/decor items that are easily changeable because every now and then I love redecorating a space.

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I fell in love with a peach pink color for my craft room, but Joseph absolutely refused to have the room that color, so I settled on an off white that I fell in love with also. Coincidentally when deciding on a theme for the nursery the paint colors I fell in love with still wouldn’t leave my mind. I decided on an off white nursery, with peach pink and gold accents.The whole room is painted in the off white, Bleached Linen by Behr, with the accent wall stripes the peach pink, Peach Sachet by Behr.

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We were pretty sure Eleanor was a girl, so I didn’t feel stressed about having a ‘pink’ wall. The rest of the decor is fairly simple, as I didn’t want to overcrowd the space knowing we were keeping the twin bed in the room. I am still on the hunt for a peach pink throw and gold accent pillows for the bed to tie it all in.

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The rocking chair was a gift from my brother and I absolutely love it. It’s old fashioned and just my style. We purchased the cushions for it at J.C.Penney, on super clearance.

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The closet in her room is absolutely huge so I had Joseph outfit it for optimal space. Again knowing the space in the room was limited by the bed and crib, we decided to put her dresser in the closet, with built in shelves to the left and two hanging bars to the right. I love the set up, and even more that Joseph built it himself, just how I wanted it. The dresser was a thrift store find and perfect for the space, allowing for the changing station to be on top, plus it will grow with her.

IMG_20180128_145723 - Edited

I found the two gold frames at the thrift store for half price, and colored the prints myself from an adult coloring book I have. Her monogram I made out of letters from Jo-Ann’s and gold paint, and her headband/bow holder was cut out of scrap wood by Joseph, and D.I.Y.ed by me.


I really love how the space came together, a soft sweet space for the perfect little girl!

:: Eleanor is now 1 month old! Later this week I’ll have a 1 month update all about her and how we’ve been adjusting this last month. I can’t believe we’ve had our daughter with us for a full month. She has already grown so much and I already want her to slow down! Watching her grow though makes me so excited for spring and summer, as I hate winter, and can’t wait to take Eleanor on so many adventures outdoors and watch her experience the world for the first time.

Also, my birthday is coming up! I doubt I’ll have time to do a fancy cake like last year, but I definitely want to do some fancy cupcakes. Not sure what I want to do, so leave any suggestions as to what you’d like to see me do below!

I’m hoping 2018 will be a better year for blogging, as now with Eleanor I feel as if I’ve got so much more to share, and now that I’m not sharing my body with another human being (well unless you count me now being a food machine) I feel loads better and have more energy (most days). Let me know if there are any post you’d love to see from me!

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