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:: 1 Month Update ::

Eleanor is 1 month old already! The past month has truly been a roller coaster, filled with so many ups and downs that leave you with your stomach in knots and nauseous for a while, but still thankful for the ride. Although now that I think of it I’m not sure why I chose that metaphor, because I hate roller coasters and the feeling they give you and I refuse to ride them. But I promise this roller coaster was worth it!


A lot happens in the first month of a new baby’s life. Both Eleanor and myself were on a steep learning curve. On one hand a few things came naturally, and it only took me about 2 weeks to adjust to being responsible for a tiny human. I mean, yeah I’ve taken care of numerous infants before, love baby’s, and am the one who will do anything to help calm a fussy baby, but there is something different when its your own child. For the first week or so I had some night time anxiety that really effected my sleep, but thankfully that subsided after a little bit. Pretty sure it was the hormones, and lack of sleep, but I was also being super aware of how I was reacting because anxiety and depression are as common in my family as our blue eyes, and I wanted to make sure that if I had PPD or PPA that I got help right away.

Thankful to report that after this first month I feel great, but seriously though those things are real, don’t wait to get help if you feel like it’s more than the baby blues.

Back to Eleanor, since technically this is her 1 month update.

Eleanor is growing fast and eating like a champ. By her 5 day check up (3 days after leaving the hospital) she was already back to her birth weight, and by 2 weeks she weighed 7 pounds! Not sure what she weighs now, but I’m sure she’s close to 8 if not there already.

IMG_20180212_142723 - Edited

At birth she was 19 inches long, and she has seriously shot up like a weed. This girl is in the 97th percentile for height, coming in at 22 inches at her 2 week appointment. She’s also grown since then and is just about too long for her newborn footie pajamas, but is swimming in all of her 0-3 month clothing. This girl is long and lean like her father, which is great considering everything else about her is mom!

Eleanor unfortunately has developed re-flux, and it’s been quite the journey. Her case isn’t severe enough to consider any medical treatments, but we’ve been unable to pinpoint the cause other than an immature system. I am hoping she grows out of it soon because the only thing that works is me keeping her elevated for 30 minutes after her feedings (which makes night time feedings super fun), or else she gets major hiccups and I wear her meal all over my shirt. It’s also just not fun watching her little body twist and contort in pain and listen to her stomach churn. And before one more person suggests I cut XYZ out of my diet, I’ve tried, there has been no correlation to my diet and her re-flux. Some days she doesn’t have an episode, and others I change outfits 3 times in an hour. And sometimes even after letting her food digest for 30 minutes, she still projectile spit ups 2 hours later. We just need to wait until her esophagus matures, which I hope is soon!

Eleanor is a squirmy bug 24/7. If not swaddled this girl loves to throw her arms, head, and body around. She’s also very vocal in her sleep, which is oh so nice when she decides to wail at 3am while still sound asleep! Her little grunts, cries, and movements are super funny though during the day. I’ve even caught her sounding like a velociraptor, not the attacking sound, but the docile throat sound they make that I can only closely relate it to a cat purring.


She is the queen of faces, constantly making us laugh with all the ways she exercises her facial muscles. My phone is full of pictures of them! She also loves being in her carrier and is the best errand buddy out there.

We’ve finally settled into a nice loosely structured routine, which helps guide our day and allows me to plan out when to do tasks (like write a blog post!).

Watching Eleanor grow has been such a joy and blessing, we really are incredibly grateful to be this girls parents.

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