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:: The Final Countdown ::

“It’s the final countdown”

*begins mimicking Europe’s The Final Countdown*

We are in the home stretch people. Ready or not, there will be a baby born this month! But we are mostly ready. Hospital bag is packed, freezer is stocked with several freezer meals, and the only thing that is left is installing the car seat. I know, it probably should have been done already, but I have to take Jethro to get his yearly vaccines on Tuesday, and didn’t want to deal with him adjusting to being moved from the back seat to the trunk, not to mention we haven’t gotten bars yet to prevent him from jumping from the trunk to the backseat which he does anytime I try to stick him there. But come Wednesday that seat should be installed and ready to go.

I’m 37 weeks this week, and was told that they wouldn’t stop my labor if it happened. I however still believe this little one will be late, or would be late if they let her do her own thing, but we are balancing my desires for birth, and what is medically ‘standard’ for gestational diabetes. It isn’t easy ya’ll! At my last appointment the new doc tried to tell me they will induce at 39 and I nearly lost it. I reminded her that two others told me 40 and I would NOT be inducing any earlier unless medically necessary. We’ve been passing all our NSTs with flying colors and my endocrinologist is so impressed with my sugar numbers that she didn’t feel the need to see me again until March. I still don’t understand how, at this point, we can’t continue like I don’t have diabetes. Obviously continue the NSTs, weekly appointments, and tracking of my levels, but if nothing changes, why treat me any differently than a woman who doesn’t have gestational diabetes. My body is currently acting as if I don’t (because it is well managed with diet and exercise) so baby has no idea. I would understand if I was relying on insulin, but I’m not. So, again here is hoping I go into labor on my own, before 40 weeks, and without complications!

I should note that I am listening to my doctors, I’m not ignoring their advice, nor am I against them in anyway, but when you see a new doctor every week and they spend 15 minutes looking at you on a chart, you as a person gets lost. I am trying to not let myself get lost to a system that since my own birth hasn’t been right for me. The medical field is unkind to those who don’t fit into the box, and yet have no medical problem to be fixed.

Anyway I’m just typing at this point, didn’t really have much to say. The nursery is ‘done’ save a few things that need to be hung on the wall, so it’s more now “how much energy will I have to either hang things up or just photograph it bare and post it”. I’ve spent all my energy doing freezer meals and making sure we are ready at a moments notice that the decorating hasn’t been a priority. Plus it really isn’t up to me, it’s all on Joseph’s schedule since me and power tools don’t really mix well at the moment!

Thanks for reading my Monday musings! See you all soon.


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