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:: Roth Party of Three ::

I know, this is supposed to be the nursery post. I swear I had every intention of doing it, we finally hung the last of the decor and I was all set to get decent photos on a nice sunny day, and then….


Eleanor Louise decided to make her arrival on January 10th, 2 full weeks early! Since then time has stood still, speed up, and been a concept I now no longer understand. We wake up and the next thing I know it’s time for bed again!

Here’s how she decided to enter the world. On Tuesday the 9th we went in early morning to the neonatal specialists for an ultrasound, if you remember they were concerned about her size, potentially being ‘too small’ because they couldn’t get an accurate measurement of her head. Because of this, my doctors wanted to be super cautious and make sure things were going well and she wasn’t at risk for intrauterine growth restriction or whatever.

Anyway, the ultrasound went great, the specialist said she was perfect and honestly didn’t even understand why they sent me to her to begin with, saying what we already knew to be the reason for the ‘inaccurate’ measurement. Little girl had settled herself so low that it was nearly impossible to get the ultrasound to get a clear image. When that happens, the doc says they just don’t include it in their estimates so this doesn’t happen, sending perfectly healthy women and babies to see expensive specialists for no reason.

Something though that I was paying really close attention to were her movements. Typically an active babe, she had grown really quiet the last few days, with this Tuesday morning being a bit of a concern to me. Her heart was beating, but at a lower rate than they’ve ever measured (perfectly fine, still within the limits, plus she was sleeping so of course it was lower) but we spent a good 15+ minutes trying really hard to wake her up and get her to move, to no avail. Sure she made little movements, but overall had an attitude of leave me alone I’m tired. Definitely my daughter!

I kept track of her movements throughout the day, just because it was a stark difference to the gymnast who had taken residence in there for the last 8 months.

* It should be noted that a decrease in fetal movement is a sign of labor being soon, but also it’s common to feel less big movements because duh, there isn’t much room left to allow them *

The rest of the day was uneventful, with Braxton Hicks being a regular part of my days since 37 weeks, I didn’t think too much of them. Then I went to bed, super uncomfortable and not being able to fall asleep because of them, also not unusual the past week. Half of my brain thought maybe these were turning into the real deal, but the other half also knew that I wasn’t in pain and I wasn’t feeling them like a wave, which is what real contractions have always been described to me as. I decided to try and massage some of my sore muscles with my massage ball to hopefully relax myself enough to fall asleep. It worked, the Braxton Hicks stopped and I was able to fall asleep.

Two hours later, at 11:55pm, I was jolted awake by my water breaking. I doubted it at first, but as I made my way out of bed and to the bathroom in case it wasn’t my water, a huge gush happened. There was no doubt at that point, my water had definitely broken. No warning, no real contractions. I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes, focusing my drowsy self on waking up and coming to the realization that within the next 24 hours I would be having a baby. I was thankful to go into labor on my own, but also prayed that contractions would begin and I would progress enough to not need any medical intervention to have this baby.

And boy did I get my wish! On the short 10 minute drive to the hospital I had 3 or 4 real contractions, and things only picked up from there. From my perspective things felt like they went faster than they probably did, with my contractions starting at about 3 minutes apart and only picking up from there, but also reality wise things did go pretty quickly. I went from a 3-6 in a short few hours, and from that 6 to pushing in probably 2 hours. I pushed for about 45 minutes, and little girl was born at 5:01am. In case you were counting, that is 5 hours and 6 minutes from water breaking to birth!


I couldn’t have imagined a better scenario for baby to be born, everything worked out perfectly in His timing.

Since then we’ve been enjoying adjusting to newborn life. Eleanor has been a great blessing to our family, and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for this little one!



:: I promise the nursery post is next! It’s a sunny day today, and my next step is to go take those pictures and write up the post for you all!

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