:: Steelers Birthday Cake ::

Yesterday a friend of mine turned 34. Her birthday this year happened to be on a big game day for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and if there is one thing I’ve learned about living here this past year, is that the people around here take their sports teams very seriously. Back in May I did her son’s 4th birthday cake, the pull apart tablet which you can find here. She loved it so much, she wanted something special for her own party.

I drafted two designs all around the Steelers, and we decided on a combination of the two. This cake is a two tiered vanilla with a champagne flavored italian meringue buttercream.


I had fun experimenting with a new technique for the shards on the top of the cake. I love working with buttercream more than anything else because 1) I think it tastes amazing, and way better than fondant and 2) I love how I can easily create some things, yet be completely challenged with others. I enjoy stretching my abilities and trying to push its limits.



My favorite thing about this cake is that the whole thing is edible. While yes a manufactured cake topper can be very pretty and be anything you want it to, there’s something awesome about being able to cut into the cake, and not worry about removing any of the plastic toppers before consuming. Plus who wouldn’t love edible candy pieces a long with their cake?!


I was really happy with how it turned out and loved my last big project before the baby arrives. It’s only made me want to make more cakes and baked goods!

:: Up Next ::

I am very confident that the nursery will be done this week, we hit a snag with some electrical work which should hopefully be resolved Tuesday, which means I can then take photos and share with you all our sweet baby girls room! Just about 5 more weeks and we get to meet her (or less if she decides!)

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