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:: 34 Week Update ::

Yesterday we hit 34 weeks, and this morning I had my routine appointment, and I thought I’d write up a little post about it, simply because I’m not ready to reveal the nursery just yet (soon, literally just waiting on some electrical work to be done).

Last time I posted I mentioned my gestational diabetes (which all my doctors still can’t believe I have) and I thought I’d mention how that factors into everything from here on out. For the most part not much will change, the practice I go to makes you see every doctor, because whoever is on call the day you deliver is who you get, which is nice and not at the same time. I’ve loved every doctor I’ve met so far, and each one has been super awesome to respect my desires. Today I met a new doc, and we discussed a few things:

First the fun stuff: I didn’t do a maternity tour, one because they fill up like 5 months in advance with limited space (basically you should schedule a tour of the ward before you even conceive!) and two because honestly I just don’t care. I told the doc, no offense but I don’t really care and just have a few questions. She laughed said I was awesome because honestly they really are a waste, the hospital is small and very chill. Just show up and have a baby (and call as you are headed in). No pre-registering, no special parking or entrances, no fuss, which I am all about.

Then we talked a bit about the diabetes and the concerns she had, they weren’t the typical! She was actually concerned that baby girl might be on the small side, and wants a growth ultrasound just to check that she’s doing alright. Definitely NOT the norm with gestational diabetes, they typically are more concerned with the baby being too large. So on the plus we get another ultrasound, the not so plus is that I’m not sure what can be done if they find she’s too small for comfort. I’ve gained a great amount of weight, but ever since the diabetes and I’ve had to alter my diet some, my weight gain, which they say should be 1-2 pounds a week, has been more like 1 pound every 2 weeks. If baby is healthy though they won’t be concerned, considering I’ve gained a total of 27 pounds throughout the pregnancy. It is odd though, the differences between all the docs concerns. At 32 weeks that doc had no worries, at 34 this one just wants to be sure, and I’m sure at 36 weeks there will be a different story.

Also a change, at 36 weeks I will get weekly non-stress tests, which is news to me. I had thought I heard my doc at 30 weeks say that they would only do those if my blood pressure got too high and I wasn’t diet controlled. Turns out it would have been every week from 30 on if those were the case, if not every week from 36 until birth. They also won’t let me go past my due date, which is slightly disappointing to me. I’ve asked twice, and been denied twice. I would really like to avoid as much medical intervention as possible, because once they start, it can be difficult to get off that train. So if baby doesn’t arrive on her own by January 24th, they will induce me. Let’s all pray she arrives in her own time and safely!


There we have it, my appointments are increasing, and things are getting closer. While I still have 6 weeks left, it feels much shorter with things picking up right after Christmas, and with anything being possible. Thankfully we are all set to go whenever she decides to make her arrival!

:: Up Next ::

  • A Cake! I have my last big order this weekend for a two tired birthday cake. If you have any requests for the holiday’s let me know! I will gladly continue to do small cupcake orders, treat orders, small cakes and such until my body tells me not to! I actually am really sad to not be doing much holiday baking this year. I love making Christmas candy, decorating cookies, and the like, but since I can’t enjoy the treats my house will be going without. Doesn’t mean yours has to!

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