:: Jethro’s First Birthday ::

Yesterday our sweet puppy turned 1! Which I guess makes him no longer a puppy, but I am a member of the “all dogs are puppies forever” club, so he will always be my puppy. Jethro decided to spend his birthday sleeping and to be honest I don’t think there is anything better. We did however celebrate with treats and a new toy which he figured out how to destroy sooner than I ever imagined. Seriously, it was made by KONG and out of hard rubber, and he managed to chew a chunk out of it. This is why he no longer has anything nice.

**WARNING: It is entirely possible that I have included what some may deem as ‘too many’ photos of Jethro, if this is your school of thought, then please feel free to leave now. Otherwise carry on!**


I get WHAT for my Birthday!?!?


Anyway, in honor of Jethro, here is a look back at his first year of life and all his milestones!

October 3rd 2016: Jethro is born!

The red arrow is our little guy!


October 29th 2016: We visited the litter and fell in love with Jethro



November 27th 2016: Welcome home sweet boy!



December 11th 2016: First Bath!


February 18th 2017: We notice Jethro’s “first” lost tooth (could have been the third or fourth, they typically swallow them)

February 28th 2017: Graduation Day!



March 21st 2017: Big Surgery Day



April 9th 2017: First trip to Ohiopyle, and first time at a moving body of water



May 8th 2017: Became master gardener (he pulled the Iris’s out of the ground himself)



May 20th 2017: First visit to grandma and grandpa’s home in Michigan!


June 17th 2017: Watched Homeward Bound for the first time, and loved it

July 3rd 2017: First Beach Visit!



August 14th 2017: First Bee Sting



September 9th 2017: First time at Hocking Hills



October 3rd 2017: First Birthday!

And a few more adorable pictures for good measure!


Jethro has had so many adventures and experienced much more in his first year of life than most humans get to do. I think it is safe to say this pup is spoiled, well loved, and such a blessing. He makes us more active, keeps mom and dad on their toes, and gives me an excuse to talk to myself while at home because really I’m talking to him! I cannot wait for his next year, and hopefully training him to pull, but first on the list is his new sibling!

Thanks for following along during this past year.


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