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Welcome back! If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been dark for a while, and with a very good reason. Here’s what you’ve missed the last few months:

In June I baked a two tier chocolate cake with toffee candies in the buttercream layers for a surprise birthday. It was a bit of a challenge, chocolate buttercream is slightly softer than vanilla (blame the real chocolate that goes into it) but I was pleased with the results, and so was the recipient!


We also celebrated 3 awesome years of marriage with an anniversary photoshoot.


In July we had a few adventures, first traveling to Presque Isle Park in Erie, then a two week vacation in Hawaii! We spent a week on Oahu, then hopped over to Maui. Maui is by far our favorite, and after our honeymoon there we’ve been dying to go back.





That brings us to August! You’re probably not impressed, thinking, why couldn’t you post those events when they happened? Well here’s why.


I’m pregnant!

Yepp, 18 weeks and starting to feel ‘normal’. I wasn’t posting because the entire month of June I was parked on the couch with morning sickness like you wouldn’t believe. I was nauseous when I ate, if I didn’t eat, and my food choices were limited to potatoes and popsicles. I lost 3 pounds!

Man trying to keep this a secret during the first trimester was brutal, especially when I was so miserable and everyone could tell, losing 3 pounds on my small frame does not go unnoticed. I got through it by staying indoors and cursing the 12 week rule. Seriously, while some women are lucky and breeze through the first trimester, I was not one of them, and not being able to tell people why honestly sucked. I get it, I know why women wait, but honestly, if I had to do it again I think I’d fall into the small percentage of women who share their news sooner rather than later.

For now I am enjoying the increased appetite, though have been finding it difficult to keep my kitchen stocked. While I have more energy than during the first trimester, I still get annoyed when I can’t do all the things I normally do because I get winded just walking up the stairs and need to sit for 15 minutes. I envy the women who continue to run marathons throughout their pregnancy, because I can barely do laundry without needing multiple breaks!

Anyway that’s what’s been happening around here lately, and now that I’m attempting to return, I’m excited to share loads of new things with you. I’ve basically completed the craft room (just have to organize it and actually set it up), there will of course be some baby updates, more house decor updates as I expect I’ll blitz and try to get it all done before baby arrives, and of course the little ins and outs of our lives!

Thanks for being patient.



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