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:: Tablet, Flowers, and Jethro ::

Just like that another month has gone by!

Since spraining my foot and taking a week off, I jumped right back into the swing of things and have basically been working non stop on all the projects I want to get done. So much so that I haven’t really blogged about any of it! Don’t worry, I’ve been documenting and will have detailed posts on all the projects not pictured, but for now enjoy the updates and a few of the things I’ve been doing this month.

I finished painting the basement room and we picked up all the furniture and stuff to finish it off, now it’s just assembling, building, and DIYing my desk (which I will have a post on) before the big reveal. We are traveling a lot the next two weeks so it will probably be June before that is up.

In between cleaning, painting, and shopping for the craft room I’ve filled a few orders, which have been fun and keeping my skills sharp. The daisies I did on my own for a friends birthday, while the bunch of flowers and tablet pull apart cake where orders.




I am very pleased with how the pull apart cake turned out. If you don’t know what a pull apart cake is, its basically a bunch of cupcakes laid out in whatever shape you want/need and then iced as if it were one large cake. This was super fun to do, and when you eat it there is no cutting! Just grab a cupcake and enjoy.


The theme for the birthday was a technology/app themed pool party. In brainstorming this order, she wanted to make sure that the apps where the main attraction as she had purchased favors that resembled the apps, and found an inflatable pool toy in the shape of a tablet. With the party being at an indoor waterpark a few hours away, I wanted to make sure transportation and serving would be easy, and with her desire for the cake to be a tablet with the apps, a round tier was out of the question.


Each app on the cake was chosen by her, and hand carved by me, a task I’m not sure I’m willing to undertake again, but it was fun to do something I had never done before!


For now I get a two week ‘break’ as we travel and celebrate a wedding of a close friend and then it’s back at it with an order for a surprise 60th birthday party. This seems to be the season for birthday’s here in Pittsburgh!

Updates on how we are all doing: Great, I still have a bruise on my foot, but am walking normally with no pain, Jethro has been happy and enjoying being a dog, and Joseph is the same hard worker as always! Our summer is shaping up to be a fun filled one as we have another wedding next month and then a trip a month later.

Enjoy this photo of Jethro being adorable!


See you next time (which will hopefully be soon!)

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