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Last time we talked I had just finished the living room, and Jethro had his surgery. Since then I promised DIYs and probably a few other things. I did a DIY, documented it, but lost daylight before I could hang it up and take the last few pictures. I also sewed new pillows for the couch in our family room (from the ultimate room makeover challenge) and started on the next room makeover. I had these plans to do another extreme makeover style series with our basement room. Since we moved in it has basically just been a catch all for things we didn’t unpack/couldn’t unpack. So mostly my craft supplies and books, for which we had no storage for yet. Well I cleaned it out, sorted a pile for donating, chose a paint color, designed a layout, and had plans to build my dream sewing table (well for Joseph to build it anyway). We were all set to go, until Easter Sunday.

Sunday morning as we were heading out the door to church I decided it would be so much fun to fall down the stairs and twist my foot. Don’t ask why it sounded fun at the time, because I am totally regretting that decision now. For the next week I am living the crutch life with a medium/high grade sprain, so everything has come to a halt. Super frustrating as I’ve already purchased the paint, and was all set to work this week on finally having a creative space. I was so excited, so obviously it wasn’t the smartest decision on my part to fall down the stairs.

Anyway, we will all just have to be a little bit more patient and hopefully all my big plans can resume next week.

In other news, Jethro is now 7 months old and has recovered nicely. He has decided to start rebelling a bit, but overall he is still a great pup. This week will probably be hardest on him, as he loves his daily walk and now won’t be getting it. This will probably be the week we cash in those free day care days from training!

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