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:: The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge- Part 2 ::

If you’ve been following along, you will remember that when we purchased our home, it came with a second living room that was not at all livable. It was covered in super dark wood paneling with absolutely no lights whatsoever. A single window that provided excellent light was lost in all the darkness. A while back I painted the wood panelling, which made a huge difference (click the link to go to that post). Our next step: filling the room. This hasn’t been an easy task. I know what I like and what I don’t like, and what I like isn’t always available with today’s styles.

View from Sunroom

I’m a traditional kind of girl and love victorian styles that have been slightly updated. Think great grandma’s house, without all the pinks or florals (although I do love floral prints). Finding the right furniture that pleased both me and Joseph was a task, but one I feel we accomplished well. For the most part we are entirely on the same page with our style, although if Joseph had it entirely his way everything would be the same shade of beige and he’d call it a day. But man is he sure of what he doesn’t like!


It took us one afternoon at La-z-Boy, a free in home consultation, and a follow up design meeting to settle on purchasing the furniture as we first saw it. As awesome as it was to design the room, and see it rendered out, we were not particularly happy with the fact that changing the fabric to what claimed to be a cheaper option actually added more to the price of the set (basically the sale price was for that one particular fabric only, regardless of if you liked an overall cheaper fabric, if that makes any sense).

In the end though we were happy with our choices.

Oversized reading chair = Awesome

The large chair and ottoman in the photo will not be staying there permanently. Those pieces are going in the sun room portion of the space once we find, and agree, on two accent chairs that will sit in front of the large window. The ottoman we chose actually is not part of the collection. The original ottoman was too short for the chair. When you put your feet up on it, it bent your knees slightly putting too much pressure on your lower back. It was slight, but as someone who suffers from chronic lower back pain, it was completely uncomfortable. The sales woman was super helpful and showed us the upgraded version of this collection. The collection is going out and being replaced with the newer version, which is where the ottoman came from. It is 2 inches taller, and slightly wider so it fills the whole seat. The previous ottoman was shorter and overall smaller, it barely filled the seat (if that makes any sense).

While it looks quite large, it is the perfect size for naps, long reading sessions, and fills the sun room allowing for it to be the focus. It is my favorite place.

Also to be added to the room are built in bookcases on either side of the fireplace, different throw pillows (once I decide on a fabric), end tables, lamps, a small area rug to break up the room, and various home decor items.

Can we spend a moment and talk about how annoyingly weird lamps are? Like seriously, all I want is a normal lamp, yet I have no idea what normal is for a lamp, and neither does it seem anyone else. Lamps have weird shaped shades, bottoms, lights. They are either too large or too small, too modern or too traditional, and it has just been so frustrating to find lamps that I like.


Anyway, in addition to the furniture, we finally ordered the large canvas print of one of our favorite wedding photos. When I got this in the mail the other day I was so excited and thrilled with the final result. It was everything I had wanted for the space. Although Joseph isn’t too pleased with it replacing his framed degree!

We are making great progress with this space, and now we can actually enjoy using it. Hopefully soon it will be finished off and we can check off another space in the house that is complete!

:: Upcoming ::

  • DIYs (I’ve got a few I need to do for this room)
  • Half Bathroom Reveal
  • Living Room Reveal

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