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:: Living Room Decor ::

On Tuesday Jethro had his surgery, this left me with a day to myself which hasn’t happened since before we got Jethro. I was both happy and anxious because not even 2 minutes had gone by and I was already missing my pup, but also because I was worried about how Jethro was doing.

I took advantage of my free hours and took my time shopping. I had a mission and a list. I scored some really good home decor pieces from Marshall’s for our family room as well as finished off the entertainment section of our living room. I had been searching for months for wall decor to finish off the space, and was super thrilled when I found it!

A while back I did some design concepts for the areas in our home I wanted to decorate. (You can see some of them here when I detailed my vision for the Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge. )

This is what I had in mind for this wall, side by side with the final:Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.26.16 AM-side


Lots of things changed from the design conception to execution, but overall I am pleased with the space. Eventually I want to get a brown tv stand, the black just makes the whole area too dark on the bottom, plus the black storage cube will not be living their much longer. We needed a TV stand, went to Ikea and this is what we settled on. It’s still a bit too modern for my taste, and it doesn’t match our coffee table, but it is functional and what we needed at the time, so for now we live with it.


Here is a close up of the wall pieces, and then I will go into detail about all the pieces and where I purchased them.





  1. Black TV stand: Ikea
  2. Candles: Kohl’s ; Bases: Kirkland’s
  3. Set of 3 framed Mirrors (purchased 2): Marshall’s


  1. Vase: At Home ; Flowers: Hobby Lobby
  2. Round green bush set: Kohl’s
  3. Copper Love Birds: Joann 
  4. Teapot tea light holder: Thrifted by my mom for our wedding
  5. Amazing floating shelf: Built by my talented and wonderful husband Joseph

And there you have it, simple, fills up the space, and I am super happy to have something finished in our home!

Next up is the half bath, I’m just waiting on one last floating shelf to be installed *cough* Joseph *cough* and then it will be ready for showing!

:: Life Updates ::

  • As mentioned Jethro had his surgery, and it has been difficult keeping him quiet, he doesn’t understand why he can’t run and jump and play. I’m exhausted. Good news though is that after this we should be home free for most of the difficult stages of puppyhood. He has no more teeth to loose, or gain (as far as I know) and this is the last major change in his life (for now)
  • I burned the roof of my mouth and am miserable because of it (just in case you were curious)


See you all next post, which will probably be another home update! (or a DIY, depends)

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