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:: Happy Birthday ::

If you’ve forgotten, this past week I had my birthday. For the most part my birthdays are very chill, with not much going on and no big fuss about them, but of course I couldn’t pass the opportunity to really work on my skills. On the actual day of my birthday I did absolutely nothing but play The Sims 4 and then had a nice dinner out with Joseph.

On Thursdays we typically host a community group at our home, but this past week most everyone jetted off for spring break-like activities. Instead we did a fun meal and game night on Friday, to which I of course brought the cake.

The cake itself: 2 tiers, one 6in. and one 8in. Vanilla cake w/lemon simple syrup, filled with raspberry buttercream, iced with vanilla buttercream.


Very simple flavors, but of course sometimes those are the best. I then had loads of fun decorating this cake. In my original design plan I wanted to keep the top 6in. tier white, allowing the pleating on the bottom tier and peonies on the top doing the work, but then I had this idea of doing a birch tree style. I thought it would contrast with the pinks, flowers, and softness of the pleated design. Unfortunately all the tutorials and tips for pulling off the look were done with fondant. I personally don’t like fondant. I know it gives a clean look and whatever, but have you actually tasted the stuff? Not what I want on my cake! Thankfully I found a few videos on YouTube of people using buttercream to achieve the look. Those were great, but still not entirely what I wanted, so I modified.


I smoothed the white buttercream, then took black gel coloring, diluted it with water, and painted away.

The 8in. tier was supposed to be soft pink pleats, but during the coloring process I accidentally spilled way more pink than I had intended. This left me with a super bright, almost electric, kind of pink. I toned it down with some burgundy, stopping once the color softened a bit. It’s darker than I had intended, but overall I am really pleased with how it all came together. This also allowed me to create the really deep burgundy flowers you see at the top, and I think really makes the green leaves and birch tree effect pop.

Enjoy the following photo overload!




Ignore Jethro’s crate with my jacket thrown on top! 

So, in case you were wondering if I do more than just cupcakes, the answer is yes 😉

In other news, I am working on finishing off and cleaning up the next part of the family room next week (waiting on an order to come in the mail). It won’t be the completed final look, but it is getting there!


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