Graduation Day!

Yesterday Jethro graduated from puppy training level 1, and while he may have been a bit advanced, it was a great weekly session and another energy outlet to play with a boxer pup.

Jethro can sit, lay down, leave and drop items, and as well as a few others. He is only 5 months old, and none of his behaviors are top form, but it’s hard to expect a growing learning pup to be perfect!


He has been teething like crazy recently, and gained all of his adult molars (if that is what they are called) and quite a few of his front teeth, still waiting on those killer canine’s though! While 5 months doesn’t seem very old, for a dog he is just reaching adolescence and heading into the teenage years, so along with new teeth, he is also heading into puberty. Dog life is crazy at the moment and I cannot wait for this stage to pass.

However, I still can’t complain about much. Jethro is a sweet pup who is quiet, and on walks when we meet others, very kind and gentle. If I stop to have a conversation with a neighbor he says hello then lays down and waits for me to move again. We are working on his pulling, but with a husky that may never fully go away.


It’s been a nice break from worrying about posting and new things to try in the cake world that a lot has actually happened around here. We got our new furniture delivered for our family room, and the next installment of The Ultimate Room Makeover Challenge will be going up shortly!

Today as you are reading this I am completing an order for Ballerina Cake Pops, with a post on that either tomorrow or Friday.

My birthday is next week, and I’ve planned out an amazing 2 tier cake to celebrate with that I can’t wait to assemble then eat. Overall things have been great in our house!



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