Ballerina Cake Pops

For some reason, March is a very popular birth month. A lot of my friends have birthdays this month, including myself, and most of us were born within the first two weeks of March! This year, I’ve met more people who were born this month, including a sweet little girl.

Her parents wanted to keep things simple, no full out cake or cupcakes, but some easy to eat and pass out cake pops fit the bill. I love it when I’m allowed to take a simple request and go all out, like I did here. The theme here was dance. The birthday girl is in a few dance classes, so it was a no brainer to make these cake pops sweet, girly, and fun just like her.

With no flavor favorites, I made a vanilla cake and did a strawberry buttercream. If you aren’t familiar with cake pops, they are made by baking a cake, crumbling it up, mixing in your chosen frosting/buttercream until you reach a dough like consistency, balling them up and coating them in delicious candy or chocolate. The key to nailing these is all about texture. You can’t have a too dry of a dough, and it can’t be too wet either. Practice makes perfect with these, and I promise anyone can do it!

For my strawberry buttercream I tried something new. Typically I’d add fresh fruit, but because I didn’t want to risk changing the consistency of the pops, I used a strawberry powder. I made the powder by purchasing freeze dried strawberries and grinding them up, from there I slowly added the powder until I got the flavor I was looking for. Simple, delicious, and all natural.


Once the pops are formed, it is time to coat and decorate. I had seen cake pops with tutu’s before, and really wanted to take a swing at it, but they weren’t the easiest. I’m sure there is a way to make these simpler, and I will keep practicing, but for now the best way I’ve found is attaching tule in two parts with tiny clear elastics. There aren’t any great tutorials out there to achieve this, and when I find an easier method I will be the first to post it!

Along with the tutu’s I made 1 dozen pink, and 1 dozen white. From there I did 6 white pops drizzled with pink, 6 pink pops drizzled with white, 3 white pops sprinkled with white sugar crystals, 3 white pops sprinkled with pink sugar crystals, and followed that same pattern with the remaining pink as well.

Did you follow that? I basically did half white crystals and half pink for each color pop. I just experimented a bit and that is what I ended up with.


If you plan on doing these yourself, remember the tutu goes on at the end!

And there you go, adorable Ballerina Cake Pop’s.

P.S. I have yet to find the best cake pop stand for decorating and displaying, there are a ton of options out there, and I’ve been playing around. This one worked well, except for the ones in the middle, there was a second thicker layer of cardboard to the top of box that didn’t allow for them to go all the way through. So far I think I like styrofoam the best, but I didn’t have any on hand. Eventually I will invest in a proper cake pop display stand!


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