:: Christmas Cupcakes ::

This week I had an order for 1 dozen cupcakes. My only restrictions were to make them Christmas themed. I love when people trust my creativity, especially when this person is a new friend and has never before tried my work.

I kept things simple for a few reasons: firstly these are being given away as a gift, with multiple people enjoying a cupcake, and secondly I wanted to cater to varying tastes.


Whenever I am making cupcakes for a group, I tend to stick with vanilla. I’ve found that while people do like chocolate cake, those who like chocolate will still eat a vanilla cupcake, while those who hate chocolate cake won’t even touch it.

I topped these cupcakes with champagne buttercream, which adds a very light and festive taste to them.

From there I battled with how to decorate them. With only the theme of Christmas to guide me I of course thought of a million ways I could take them. I thought about creating a wreath out of the cupcakes, doing santa hats, reindeer, snowmen, penguins. If it had to do with winter or Christmas, I thought about putting it on a cupcake.


I settled on Christmas trees and snowflakes. For the trees I wanted to make sure they complimented the ice blue I intended for the snowflake cupcakes, so I did my best to create a blue spruce. I combined Wilton Kelly Green, Royal Blue, and a touch of black to get what you see here. For the ice blue, I put in just enough blue to tint the buttercream.


I used melted candy to pipe snowflakes, and used candy pearls and a star for the trees.

If I had had any luster dust on hand, I would’ve painted the snowflakes a pearl color to take them up a notch.


Of course if you are a baker then you know you never make just what you need. You bake extra in case of an emergency, and put the best 12 in the box for the customer. Because of this, and because I knew that the original 12 weren’t going to the family that purchased them, I included a special set of 4 for them to enjoy.


I had extra candy, and tried my hand at creating cursive Joy’s and was able to get 2 decent ones. I gave those in the set of 4 as an extra special touch.


I am extremely pleased with the result, and stashed a few of the extras in my fridge!

Let me know what kind of designs and flavors you’d like to see me do in the comments below!

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:: Upcoming ::

  • Christmas Candy
  • More Cupcakes as I practice my skills, and show my work
  • Probably more of Jethro, because he is just too darn cute!
  • After the holidays, back into house decorating and finishing rooms


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