:: 11 Week Pupdate ::

Today, Jethro is 11 weeks old, it’s hard to believe we have already had him with us for three weeks. It feels like yesterday, but also a lifetime ago. He is no longer the same pup we brought home, but has turned into a goofy, wild husky. I didn’t expect anything less.

11 Weeks old Today

If you’ve ever had a puppy then you understand, but if you don’t then hopefully this post will enlighten you as to what’s been going on since my last post.

Having a puppy is equivalent to having a newborn and toddler in one adorable furry package. No, he isn’t human, but he still is a living being who relies on me for everything!

Since my last post Jethro has grown a ton, physically and mentally. He is responding well to his name, but could be doing better. Still loves to eat grass, dirt, leaves, and now snow. Loves to bite and attack his mom and dad, but thankfully is sweet to the people we run into on our walks.

First Snowfall

I am working hard to get the play biting under control, but it is proving to be a challenge. None of the tried and true methods work with this pup. Shouting in pain and stopping play abruptly when teeth touch skin only gets him more excited. Separating him every time didn’t click with the action. Pressing a thumb down on his mouth only worked for Joseph, and only for a short while. We’ve tried everything and it really has become a problem. So far the only thing that works is placing him in his pen for a few moments to signal that biting equals no play, then letting him out and resuming. But even that I feel doesn’t send the message, nor do I want him to hate his play pen.

Jethro’s First Bath

A week ago we took him to puppy preschool, where we learned that while Jethro is smart and loves treats, which should make him easy to train, he isn’t smart when it comes to dog social cues. He doesn’t understand when the other dogs don’t want to play and because of his size, is seen as the ‘aggressive’ one. He loves to play rough, but doesn’t harm the other dogs. He just doesn’t understand when they’ve had enough. Hopefully the more we take him and socialize him, the better he will get with the cues, and the better his biting will be.

On the positive side he is now sleeping through the night. I doubt he literally sleeps through the night, but he refuses to go out until the morning. While I am grateful to have the opportunity to sleep again, my brain has yet to adjust. I still jolt awake every now and then from phantom whining. He is learning leave it, and sits like a pro. Even with all the hardships, Jethro is doing really well for his age and the time we have had him. I have to keep reminding myself of that fact or else I would probably loose my mind!

How can you stay mad at this little guy when he is so adorable!

Right now I am doing just enough to keep my head above water. I finally caught up on laundry yesterday, and hope I am back on track with my once a week schedule. My house is clean again and somewhat organized, and I’m hoping that sticks as well. I’ve been sick the last four days, but there are no sick days being a puppy mom and I still take Jethro out every morning for his walk. Yes, even while sick and even while the weather has been in the single digits, icy, windy, rainy etc. I’ll catch up on sleep and recover eventually!

He loves to snuggle with his food bucket

This week I have an order for Christmas cupcakes to fill, so on Wednesday that post will be up. I still plan on making a few Christmas candies and will post those when I have them. It may be after Christmas, or the day of, but at least you will have it for New Years celebrations, next year, or even just because.

:: Upcoming ::

  • Christmas Cupcakes
  • Christmas Candies
  • Normalcy…maybe




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