Welcome Home Jethro

Hello Friends,

My name is Jethro, I am 8 weeks old and adjusting to my new life. I love my mom and follow her everywhere. My mom says I’m really smart and a fast learner. I’ve been home for three days and had very few accidents in the house, I’ve learned that the bells attached to the door grant me access outside. I love the rain, leaves, and grass. Walks around my street are fun and exhausting. I’m learning that I no longer get food whenever I want, but instead at scheduled times. I like my crate, but really don’t like being left alone in it. I’m stubborn but so is my mom. Dad got me some new toys that I love and keep me occupied. I look forward to all the new adventures I will get to have living here.

I can’t wait to share more with you soon!







:: Updates

  • Jethro is home, and we are all adjusting to a new little one in the house. We are sticking to our guns with training and even though sometimes I feel like I am failing, he is only 8 weeks old and doing so well. The lack of sleep the first few nights didn’t help with my moral. It is now a competition as to who can out stubborn the other. I will win, if you know me really well I invented stubborn, but over the years God has changed my heart, except this time my stubborn history will serve us both well.
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my mother and brother, who was able to make it. I have images and a recipe for Chocolate Salted Caramel Marshmallows to share with you soon, for now we are working on establishing a schedule with our new pup.
  • Thanks for being patient with all the new changes going on here, I promise when things settle it will all be worth it.

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