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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table

In my previous blog post I mentioned I had some simple DIYs to share for thanksgiving.

What I wasn’t expecting was a cold to knock me out the week before, today is the first day I’ve felt capable of doing anything, and I’ve spent it cleaning the house so no one else gets sick and preparing for family.

That being said, I was able to put together 3 easy, cheap, and simple DIY Thanksgiving tables. If you are hosting for a small gathering, or just running out of time, these 3 simple table decorations are perfect, and did I mention cheap? That’s right, the supplies to recreate each of these looks totals under $20!

There is nothing more I could ask for with DIY home decor, cheap, easy and looks like I spent more time and money than I did.

I do have to preface by saying I purchased most of the fall decor on clearance, like super clearance. Most places like Joann’s and Hobby Lobby will clearance out their seasonal decor weeks before the season is over. I was able to score 80% off on most of my items. The rest I either had around the house, or purchased because I wanted it year round. The plus: I can have all of these for next year!

Each table uses a combination of the same supplies listed and shown below, each individual table will have a caption of the items listed and their grand total, in case you don’t want everything listed:


Scrap Card stock :: Extra Craft Supplies

Fall Stamps :: Target Dollar Section :: already had

Set of 4 Metal Leaf Place-card Holders :: Hobby Lobby :: $2.00

Ombre Stamp Pad :: Hobby Lobby :: $5.99 w/40% off coupon

Fall Flowers :: Hobby Lobby :: $1.80

White Jug Vase :: At Home :: $4.49

Fall Assorted Decor Mix :: Joann Fabrics :: $3.00

Grand Total :: $17.28

You can use any stamp, ink pad, card stock, vase, and flowers you have. I think using a simple vase and purchasing a nice fall bouquet from your local grocery store would make for an even better 4th option!

:: Table 1 ::

Metal Leaf Place Card Holders :: Jug Vase :: Fall Flowers :: Stamp and Ink :: $14.28

In this set up I kept it clean: placing the jug and flowers in the center, used my own plates and napkins, stamped an ombre Thankful at each place. You could also write the names of your guests, and forgo the stamps bringing your cost way down as well


:: Table 2 ::

Fall Assorted Decor Mix :: Stamp and Ink :: Metal Place Card Holder :: $10.99

Table 2 is perhaps the simplest of them all, I kept the place cards the same as before and placed the entire fall mix into a white serving bowl I own. Done in minutes, and if you use supplies you had on hand you could bring this total down to $5!


:: Table 3 ::

Jug Vase :: Fall Decor Mix :: Stamp and Ink :: Fall Flowers :: $15.28

This table is my favorite, and where I left it for Thursday. I loved using the pine cones from the mix as place card holders, I will use the place card holders for my food area. Bonus: Go outside and find pine cones for free to use! I then put the vase and flowers back in the center and placed the rest of the fall mix around the table.


There you go! 3 easy, simple DIY Thanksgiving tables for under $20

If you are hosting last minute, or simply ran out of time, it’s not too late. Run out and grab a few simple supplies, or run around your house and gather what you can. All of these took me less than 10 minutes to set up!

If you re create a table, or simply want to share what decor you have for this time of year leave me a comment.

:: Upcoming ::

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  • Jethro’s Homecoming
  • Christmas Decor, Candy Recipes, and more



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