Caramel Macaroon Cupcakes & More

Joseph’s project manager is leaving the company to go work for another startup in a field he is more passionate about, today is his last day and Joseph asked for some cupcakes for his coworkers to celebrate.


I didn’t want to get too fancy, since his group is only 12 people and they on the whole don’t really appreciate intricate buttercream decorations and coordinated flavors, but I did flavor the buttercream with Wilton’s Treatology Flavor Kit .

I found this system on clearance for around $9 and couldn’t pass it up. It comes with 6 flavor concentrates that taste great on their own, or combined to create what they call flavor infusions. The kit also comes with recipes for a few already figured out infusions, which is what I have used here.


Simple, easy, and not much work on my part. I kept the cake itself vanilla and let the buttercream hold all the flavor. On top I drizzled some caramel syrup, because they looked naked otherwise. Joseph ate two already and I myself had 1 with 3 more stashed in the fridge.


In other news we had family visit the past weekend and went to the science center here in town. It was great seeing my niece and nephews, and even greater to have extra hands to rake my yard!

Like I previously stated I’ve been working on a lot of behind the scenes things, and I’m ready to give you a sneak peek:


Any guesses yet? It may be a little bit more than a sneak peek with some, but I couldn’t resist.

The next few weeks are gearing up to be a whirlwind with the following on our schedule:

  • Joseph has a conference in California, I will be visiting family back home
  • We have my families Thanksgiving event next weekend
  • My mother will be joining us in our home for Thanksgiving
  • Jethro comes home!
  • I have a dentist appointment

That last one may seem obsolete, but I am dreading it. I have always hated the dentist, I have sensitive gums and genetically bad teeth despite my daily brushing and flossing. I never like sitting in the chair while they massacre my mouth telling me it is my own fault for not taking better care of them, so in all it is a huge ordeal. I get that they hygienists have to do their job, and probably have a lot of patients to see, but when a patient says please take your time and be gentle because of sensitivity why can’t you respect that? I leave the chair in tears every time because of the amount of pain I am in. Can’t eat, drink, or talk for the rest of the day. So I am not particularly thrilled about this upcoming visit. Joseph recently went after not having been for 6 years! And he got nothing but praises from the dentist. Further proof that 1: genetics really do matter in this case and 2: Joseph won the genetic lottery. At least I’ll have a puppy to boost my spirits after!

:: Are you hosting for Thanksgiving? I’ll have a post coming up on how I’m decorating for the event, even though it’s just the three of us, I can’t resist going all out and share with you some simple DIYs to make your Thanksgiving a little bit more festive. Also if you are dying to see more of what I have teased, I can arrange that too 😉

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