Weekend in Photos

I am a planner. Given the choice, I would have major events and trips planned out weeks in advance.

Joseph is spontaneous and very much go with the flow. He usually decides and plans to do something hours before the intended event.

The effects of those facts have been some of my favorites in our marriage. Mostly it is Joseph stretching me to let things go and enjoy life.


Friday evening, around 8pm;

Joseph: “Want to go to DC tomorrow?”

Lynnette: “What?”

Joseph: “DC, it’s only 4 hours away, want to go?”

Lynnette: “Sure”

And thus our weekend plans had been decided! Unfortunately Joseph had a soccer game Saturday, so we just pushed traveling until after and did DC on Sunday.

We made the drive to our mutual best friend Zach’s place. It’s awesome having a friend you can call the night before you plan to arrive and say “Hey can we crash at your place Saturday evening” and have them be incredibly happy and grateful to do so, and welcome you with pie!

p.s. I have the same policy with our home, as long as we are here and have no definite plans, our door is open to friends and family, and you will most assuredly be welcomed with some form of a baked good.

On Sunday we walked the mall. I had never been to DC before, so Joseph was my guide. My goal was to recreate some of the best moments from Night at the Museum and National Treasure.


With only 1 day to see the most, we decided to visit the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum.


In Air and Space I looked for the Einstein Bobbleheads. I knew they probably didn’t exist, but I hoped that since the movie they would think it be a nice addition. The only bobbleheads they had were for sale, in a box, in the gift shop. Not exactly what I had in mind.



After the exhibits let me down and did not come to life, we decide to go plot out stealing the Declaration of Independence while sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.


Except what they don’t tell you is that everything is so far! After walking around 2 museums, walking to the capitol building and back to the memorial, we were significantly tired. We had to walk back to the car to move it to a new spot, and the next spot we could try to park at would be a 2 mile walk to the memorial. Suddenly stealing the Declaration of Independence seemed ridiculous. So we drove by it on our way home, and I snagged the above shot while resting at the Washington Memorial.


I love our spontaneous trips, and love how much I have grown with letting things go and trusting non scheduled plans.

:: Last week I showed you the throw pillows I made, after those I made 3 more for our bedroom, knitted a scarf, and decorated more of our house. All of this will be revealed soon, just waiting on a few more pieces to come together before the big reveals!

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