Meet Our Newest Roth!

If you know me personally, and have known me for any length of time, then you know that my favorite dog breed is the Siberian Husky.

“Do you want any pets?” “What kind of  dog do you want?” “What’s your favorite type of dog?” and similar questions have always been answered the same:

“A siberian husky, male, to be named Jethro.”

And most often the follow up from people would be them trying to tell me more about the breed, as if I didn’t know anything about them, and them trying to convince me that I was making a huge mistake, if I was prepared for the work, and what a huge responsibility a husky would be.

Cue biggest eye roll ever.

You can ask my mom, this love runs deep. 13 years deep.

I’ve done my research, learned everything about the breed, and the desire only grew. So please, before you comment on how difficult this dog will be, stop. Husky’s are no harder than any other dog. Dog’s require patience, training, and work. There is no ‘easy’ pet. I’ve found that those who complain the most about the husky breed are the type of pet owners that don’t have the time, won’t dedicate the time, and don’t educate themselves on their animal.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m happy to say that after 13 years, I can finally introduce to you our newest family member!

Worst picture of me ever, but that’s what you get when your husband thinks one photo is enough! At least the puppy is cute!

This is Jethro, our 4 week old Siberian Husky. This little guy won’t be coming home with us until late November, and the wait has been difficult.

We’ve been planning for this little guy since mid September, and he was born Oct. 3rd. It has been really hard keeping this secret, and I probably would have waited until we had him in our home to announce, but Joseph was impatient and posted a photo to Facebook.

He likes shoes, gonna have to watch this one!

I can’t blame him, I mean, how cute is this little guy!

I am super excited to finally be a husky owner, and for all the adventures we will have with our newest family member. Husky’s are an active breed, and I plan on taking this guy everywhere. Joseph and I like to go on hikes, and having a dog that has to get out and explore will force us to do more of what we love and I am thrilled. I would also love to train him to mush for fun!

10 minutes of play and he was zonked! Life is hard when you’re 4 weeks old.

:: Come back soon for more pictures, and for the post when we bring him home. I also have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on a project that will hopefully launch very soon, so that is why the blog has been a bit silent. With the holidays coming up though, I want to do a few treat recipes, some easy DIY gifts, and of course puppy’s first Christmas!


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