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DIY Throw Pillow :: Sewing Saturday

It’s Saturday, and I have a really easy, quick project for you to knock out in a day, provided that you aren’t like me and mess up and your one day project spans two days. But trust me, I messed up so you don’t have to!

Throw pillows are expensive. I cannot justify spending $35 for something that gets squished, used as a hot-bowl-on-lap insulator, and  thrown around during pillow fights.

My solution becomes fairly simple, sew my own while recycling the zipper and pillow insert from the old pillows. The execution however, not so much.

As much as I follow the directions, I am a visual learner when it comes to sewing, so I have to see the step in action in order to make sure I am doing it right. Most of the time I follow my instincts and other times I feel like something won’t work, but have to find out with trial and error.

That being said, once you get one right the rest are fool proof.

My issues mainly stemmed from the fact that I was recycling the zippers from my old pillows.


This is what our living room looks like. It’s bland, not decorated, but clean. Those pillows came with the couch. They worked really well in our last place because our kitchen was orange and it tied in the open concept and flowed well.

In our new house our walls are green/beige as you can see. While the orange matches, I wasn’t please with combination. Too many grey tones.

My color inspiration for this space came from a plum vase I own. Plum, eggplant, it depends on your color definition, but it’s definitely not straight up purple. You’ll see the vase when I unveil our entertainment area!


The purple hues accent the green walls and cherry kitchen cabinets very well and I am overall happy with the space, we just need to add a rug and some things to the wall!

For the exact tutorial I followed this blog post here. This blogger does an excellent job laying out the steps and has images (which I do not). I have some added suggestions and tips that I learned from following it, but overall this is a very straightforward project.

:: Tips

  1. Use a good quality zipper. My zippers were recycled, which Yay, but they were cheap. My wonderful husband had to fix 2 of the zippers because they kept breaking.
  2. TAKE YOUR TIME, seriously, just relax and go slow. Once you get the first one done, then it will go faster
  3. Make sure you have more than enough fabric to allow for the seams, you don’t want things to be too snug
  4. If reusing pillow forms, and you want to re-fluff them, DO NOT OVERFILL. Trust me on that one, it was the cause of the second zipper break and a complete meltdown from yours truly. Most cheaper pillow forms are under filled, so if you are just blindly filling to capacity you will have a pillow twice as large without realizing it



That’s it! Really simple, and much cheaper. I purchased 1 yard of each fabric, but should have got an extra half yard. The fabrics I chose were on clearance with an extra 50% off (Joann’s red tag fabrics are awesome)! I spent less than $10.

Next up, pillows for our bedroom!

:: What would you like to see for next weeks Sewing Saturday?? Let me know in the comments!

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