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Officially Home Owners

I set very unrealistic goals. I don’t know why, but lets skip the psychology and get into this.

While I had every intention of documenting each stage of moving, (and I do have pictures) I’ve failed to create blog posts and be up to date.

Here’s my defense: Joseph was the energizer bunny with finishing school, which left the entirety of packing to me. Thus leaving me too tired, sore, frustrated to want to then spend an hour or so creating a blog post all about the packing I had done all day. I was fed up with packing. Even typing the word makes me exhausted.

So I didn’t post. Do I feel guilty? Only slightly. Do I regret it? Not one bit.

Let’s start with cake. If you read regularly, I’ve been promising a baking post on the strawberry lemon cake I was planning for our family graduation/going away party. What I had not planned was the weather. The week of the party was the hottest week of life ever in Michigan. I’m talking easily 90 degrees by 11am with high humidity.

Have you ever tried to bake a four layer cake, ice it, decorate it, and then transport it in that kind of heat? Only one thing happens: Disaster.

Baking the cake in our old house was not an option. A metal roof + no AC or any way to regulate temperature was not going to happen, so I transported all of my gear to our college ministry house to construct there. The plus being that the kitchen is larger, house bigger and thus less hot, however there still isn’t AC in that house, which still posed problems while assembling the cake.

In the end there was a cake, with unset liquid like ganache, a melted fondant Pittsburgh City skyline on the side, and shifted layers after transport. It had about a good 10 minutes of decency in which to attempt photographing, but I was already stretched for time and running late, so no pics happened.

Mourn, move on.

On July 29th, Joseph woke up, put on a suit, and walked into his lab for the last time. By noon he had successfully defended his thesis making him a Doctor (informally, still waiting on all the paperwork to go through). There aren’t words to describe how happy I was to finally have my husband back…for a week before he races off to a new job and a new adventure, but still, anything is better than an 80+ hour work week of endless stress!

How did Joseph feel? “Relieved”

The next day we finished last minute packing and had friends over to help load the truck. On Sunday we woke up, went to church, said goodbye and made the long drive from Lansing to Pittsburgh.

On Monday we woke up, signed a bunch of paperwork and officially became homeowners!

From there we unloaded the truck into the garage to get the Uhaul back on time and ran into a few issues our first night here.

Firstly, the awkward angles up the stairs make it impossible to fit our queen sized box spring into our room. Currently we are sleeping on our mattress on the floor until we MacGyver our boxspring.

We (Joseph) also spent a good while figuring out why our french patio doors wouldn’t lock, resulting in disassembly, tinkering, and reassembly. I’m happy to say that they now lock.

I’m sure there will be plenty more little quirks, but for now we are just happy to be home and I’m excited to start making it ours!

:: Life Updates and Prayer Requests ::

  • Joseph successfully defended his thesis
  • We officially own a home
  • Successful move
  • Semi unpacked
  • Family visits soon!
  • Painting, decorating, etc. soon
  • Pray for a smooth transition
  • Pray for Joseph transitioning from Grad life to Full Time Employee (which actually is less work, so pray he doesn’t over do it since he has gotten so used to over working)
  • Pray for me, Joseph has work friends from his internship and is well on his way to establishing himself here, I on the other hand am starting from scratch
  • Pray God leads us to the church He has for us here


Thanks for all the support during this time of change!



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