6 Unique Facts About Pittsburgh

Alright, so I’m not entirely sure if these facts are specific to Pittsburgh, but they are unique to me moving from Michigan to Pennsylvania.

We’ve officially been Pennsylvania residents for 3 weeks. I still feel like we are on some weird vacation, and I imagine that will remain until I start putting my touches on the house. We’ve just about settled; got the box spring upstairs, had our California King mattress delivered, and have a list of “must be done/purchased soon” items. First up is paint, I’ll have a post on that later, but now lets focus on what I’ve learned and experienced in the last 3 weeks.



  1. Drivers stop at the end of the entrance ramp to the freeway– they see a yield as a stop sign, and don’t know how to merge, plus those on the freeway don’t move over even if they can and you’re trying to merge. (Exception: a few ramps actually have stop signs at the end of them, because there is no merge lane, but that is acceptable)
  2. Everyone drives at least 10mph over the speed limit, and get mad at you if you don’t, I’m surprised I haven’t been rear ended yet. (Most of the time I’m doing 5 over, and even that is too slow)
  3. Drivers turn left immediately once the light turns green. This I find incredibly dangerous. They watch the cross traffic light, and once it turns red they gun it going left in front of opposing traffic. Now there’s apparently some rules to this, but even still I find the whole ordeal extremely dangerous. I’ve also witnessed many drivers running red lights constantly, and a driver turn right from a street with a stop sign, without stopping or even looking, just turned right. If Joseph and I had been in the right lane instead of the left, I would probably be in the hospital with serious injuries because of that driver.
  4. In order to transfer my out of state license I needed my birth certificate, social security card, 2 proofs of residency, marriage license, a blood sample, and my first born child. Seriously though, even with the marriage license one of the workers claimed I’d have to wait until Joseph had his license then have him sign an affidavit stating that yes in fact his wife does live with him. Thankfully the guy in charge said it was fine and issued my new license.
  5. You can register to vote online. I can’t get a license for this state without showing up in person with several proofs of who I am, but I can register to vote in your state online with little to no proof that I actually live in your state. If that doesn’t highlight some major issue with our government, I don’t know what else to say.
  6. Major headline of the week: Some Grocery Stores Now Sell Wine! They had a ceremony with lots of big named people and commended the steps Pennsylvania is taking to join the 21st century. Now I don’t regularly drink, nor do I really care to, but growing up in Michigan you can’t go three streets without seeing a corner store dedicated to the selling of liquor. Meijer alone has 3 aisle’s dedicated to local wineries and breweries. So all of this seems comical to me. (Note none of this had any effect on the consumption of alcohol by locals, this is America and drinking is very much ingrained in the culture no matter what the laws state)


I’m sure there are several other unique facts about this new state we now call home. If you’ve ever been to Pennsylvania, let me know in the comments what you’ve found unique, or if you live here give me some tips on how to survive these new changes!

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2 thoughts on “6 Unique Facts About Pittsburgh

  1. After driving a couple of days in Pittsburgh, I can agree that I dislike the steep hills and poor visibility. As for the speed limits, just quit looking at the signs! 😉 The problem is when you leave the area and still drive like a Pittsburghian…I made it home more than half an hour faster than I should have, lol.

    1. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ignore the speed limits, I have a very real fear of getting pulled over and getting a ticket. I tend to follow all the rules and very rarely do I break them. With our Michigan plate it just screams ‘easy target’ for a cop. I’ll wait until we have our Pennsylvania plates to test my limits!

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