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Submerged Cupcakes

A few weeks ago our church held Vacation Bible School.

I love helping out and if I am in town during the week, I jump right in wherever I am needed.

The past two years we haven’t been in town, so I was excited to finally be able to volunteer again. Even more fitting, I was asked to lead a group of 3rd graders with many of them being the same kids I ministered to when I lead a Kindergarten group the last time I volunteered.

The week was exhausting but oh so fulfilling. I love working with kids and seeing how things just click in their minds. There is a reason we are called to have a child like faith!

Well over a month ago I snagged some flavor drops from Wilton that I have been wanting to try. A single batch of my cupcakes yields about 40, so when I make them I better have people to give them to or else Joseph gets really upset.

I thought making them as a way to say “we made it, thanks for the hard work” for all my VBS workers was the perfect opportunity.

I kept it simple by doing a vanilla cupcake. The icing is where I had the most fun. I made an Italian Meringue Buttercream (my favorite) and flavored it to the taste of a Tropical Lemonade.

If you’ve never made or used Italian Meringue Buttercream, you are surely missing out! It isn’t like a typical Sweet Buttercream that is simply butter and sugar. The meringue allows for you to use less sugar for a less sweet taste while the butter allows the icing to carry any flavor you want. All without being heavy or overly sweet.

I decorated them in the Submerged theme for the week, blue ocean water with ‘bubble’ pearls and topped it off with a Swedish Fish. Easy-Peasy

IMG_3332The results were a perfect, light cupcake, exactly the way to end the week. I wish I would’ve saved more than two for us to eat!

The recipe is a simple vanilla cake from scratch, same goes for the buttercream. I flavored the buttercream using a formula provided by Wilton using their Treatology system (lemon, coconut, and basil was the magic cocktail)

:: Up Next ::

  • I am making a Strawberry Lemon cake for our family event coming up, so expect an in-depth tutorial soon!
  • Packing tips/hacks

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