Moving :: Stage 1

When we got back from Vegas, I was wishing to be in full fledge packing mode.

I had a plan, 4 weeks to move, 4 rooms to pack, 1 week to pack each room.

What I didn’t plan for was my lack of motivation.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I’ve always hated packing and moving. I moved a lot in college: into a dorm at the beginning of the school year, out at the end, into a summer place, out of a summer place, into dorm and over and over again until I got married. It was grueling and I came to hate the process and hate stuff. My last summer alone I chose to not even unpack and lived out of the boxes because I didn’t want to do it anymore.

That was just my stuff, and it wasn’t even much to begin with. I could move all my stuff out in one, maybe two trips in my trusted Grand Prix while tossing a lot of my ‘unnecessary’ items because I just didn’t want to lug them about.

Well, now there’s two of us and twice as much stuff. Not to mention an entire kitchen, which I’ve never had to deal with before.

It’s taking a lot. I’ll pack a few boxes, look at the mess around me, and get frustrated throwing my hands in the air and calling it quits. Nevertheless we have one room down!

Today I finished the guest bedroom, which had a lot of our ‘to be used in a house when we have a house items’ and all of our wedding decorations that I can’t seem to shake (not for lack of trying, really I want them all gone, I’m not that sentimental about these things). I’d say it is the second hardest room, next to the kitchen.

Before packing, I wanted to make the unpacking easier and devised a system. I roughly wrote up a color system, then realized that the colors show up differently on cardboard, so I added symbols to the mix. A colored symbol for each room with general colors for Heavy and Fragile boxes.


This way when we unload the truck we can put the boxes in the room they need to be instead of running around trying to find a specific box. As you should, what is in the box is listed as well.

It looks like a mess, but at least its an organized mess!



I’m glad one room is down, and this week I plan to tackle our bedroom, first with winter clothes. Keep checking for tips on how I pack up our clothes and make that room easy as well.

:: Anyone getting excited for the strawberry lemonade cake coming soon??

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