Hiking in Zion

If you’ve been following along/reading for a while you know that we recently traveled to Vegas. Joseph had a conference there and I tagged along, mostly because I hate spending time away from him and because his brother would be there with his wife (hi Caleb and Michaela). While Joseph was stuck in lectures all day, I got to read by the pool, book hunt with Michaleb, and overall just feel sad for the city that is Vegas. On our last day we were able drive to Zion National Park and do some hiking. I suck at taking pictures and always forget, but I did manage to take these few.IMG_3343IMG_3355IMG_3338

Do I even need to tell you about the views?

We didn’t make it to the top because of a storm (the third that week, I’m convinced Joseph and I are cursed and bring Michigan weather with us wherever we go, seriously every vacation we take the area reports unusual weather for that time of year) but we did enjoy the hike. I was slow as always, but I was battling a head cold and was the shortest person hiking. It really is hard to keep up with your 6’4″ husband and his brother who is also tall, their strides are bigger and one step for them takes me about 3 to cover the same distance. Needless to say that even with all my breaks and walking well behind everyone (thanks again to Cassie for keeping me company and the great conversation!) I still over did it. It is Monday and I still can barely walk without wanting to cry, thanks dad for the bad back and hips gene!

I love hiking, but hikes like this with others typically end with me in tears, I give myself too hard of a time for things outside of my control and most of the time I feel at fault if the group doesn’t have enough time to finish their goals. It’s a rough balance to say the least.

I’d love to go back one day and see more of this beautiful park.

:: Things to Look Forward Too ::

  • Moving, with a whirlwind of packing to do
  • Baking post about my Tropical Lemonade Cupcakes from VBS
  • Another baking post on a Strawberry Lemon cake for our family going away party

Any requests for recipes to try or posts you’d like to see? Comment below and let me know!

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