Exciting News!

We bought (are buying) a house!

In my last post I mentioned that we were house hunting, well we officially have an accepted offer, and are waiting to close on a house. If all goes well we will be moving first thing in August–Let the packing begin!

So, here’s more of the story and a few details about the house and why we chose it.

Our new house has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. It isn’t huge, but it isn’t tiny either. There’s a great updated kitchen that I am excited to have, and finally have a dishwasher! I really hate washing dishes by hand because it feels like a never ending process to trying to keep the kitchen clean. A dishwasher means I can put them all in there until its full and ready to be washed, can’t do that with a sink full of dirty dishes.

We will have two living areas, a family room and living room, whatever that means, they always felt the same to me. Basically the room that flows from the kitchen/dining space will have a t.v. The room off the side of the kitchen with the closed sunporch that has been remodeled to be part of the house will become a sitting/library/craft area. There is also a flat backyard, which is almost non-existent in Pittsburgh! This space has a large deck and patio area that will be great for having people over. We really wanted a space that would allow us the ability to host a few family members without being cramped, or have a party and not feel like we could only invite 2 friends. I think we’ve hit a happy medium here.

When deciding how to tell all of our friends about our new purchase we wanted to be creative and a little out of the box. I thought it would be cute to make a fuss out of it like people do when announcing a baby. My logic being that we should celebrate the big milestones and your first house is a HUGE milestone, just as deserving of celebration as a new member to your family. Then we decided to be a little sneaky, which then turned into a lot mischievous (I blame Joseph, he really loves tricking people). The result? Well see so for yourself–


We posted that picture (without the words, and instead put the info as the status that went with it) on my Facebook. Joseph was the most picky about the wording and refused to let me post it without the sentence. It was good fun to see some of our friends jump to congratulating us for our bundle of joy (which is non existent, I swear!) without reading the true message.

I did post a follow up status clearing it up and everyone had a good laugh, or I think anyway. A few people were disappointed, and I think a few still don’t get it, so hopefully they will read this blog post!

Here is my formal apology to those who felt offended: I’m sorry you are biased towards thinking that only baby announcements can be cute and include fun photos, hopefully this has helped open your mind.

But seriously though, we didn’t mean to cause any harm, just have a little fun!

As we get closer to moving I plan to document it all here so be prepared for packing and fun updates on moving!

:: Life Updates/Things to Look Forward Too

  • Lots of posts about decorating our new home, check out my Pinterest to see all the cool things I wanna do
  • I’ve been leading a group of 3rd graders at VBS this week and I’m exhausted
  • We hit 2 years of marriage!!!
  • A baking post about cupcakes/decorating since I want to celebrate and lift up all my friends who are working hard at VBS
  • Joseph keeps saying that the house isn’t ours because we haven’t closed yet, I know this and that anything can happen, so this is my note to him that when I say our house, I mean the house that could be ours if and when we close
  • Vegas!

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