My Week in Photos

If you haven’t caught on, my goal is to put up a blog post, at a minimum, once a week.

What happens then when you’ve had a particularly wacky week where you did stuff, but forgot to accurately document it? Well you get a collection of photos of things I did this week…or last week, depending on how you want to define it.

:: I think this could turn into a regular thing, in an effort to document life more, where on Fridays I show my week through photos::

Here were my original plans, followed by what actually happened.

  • Last Thursday I had plans to hang out with a friend and bake/perfect my Thin Mints
    • My friend did come over, we baked scones, and since both of us were stir crazy after being stuck indoors all week, we went shopping instead. Later that evening I did make the Thin Mints, with my own suggested edits, and they were still bitter. Back to the drawing board on this one


  • Saturday I’d meet up for lunch with 2 girls from my Bible study to encourage them and overall be a sister to them, afterwards I’d pick up a different girl and we’d decorate cupcakes and an owl cake
    • 2 of the 3 girls cancelled, and I ended up having lunch/talking with one of my girls for TWO HOURS! It was seriously one of the best times I’ve had. MSU is typically a bubble filled with pre-med, pre-vet, bio and basically science related students. It is, after all, what MSU is a great school for. However, being an English/Writing major, you feel left out of the bubble and unless you’re in class, it’s hard to meet anyone with your same interests. This was the first time I was meeting up with this girl, and aside from Spring Break, I hadn’t run into her again (until she showed up for Bible study). A fellow writing field major (she wants to be a journalist) and overall lover of all things English related, we lost track of time just talking. We probably could’ve went on all day, but Joseph was getting antsy as I had dropped him off at the lab alone and he was done working. After lunch I went home and decorated the cakes I had baked, except it wasn’t my best batch. The owl cake (which was an experiment) did not turn out and overall the batter wasn’t my best. I also tried making Italian Meringue which went well, but could’ve used more time perfecting. I did manage to practice my decorating skills, and as you can see by the photo, I’m getting pretty good at it! (oh and I also need a bigger leaf decorating tip, so not proportionate!)

      No filter here, all handmade by me and completely edible!


Somewhere in there was supposed to be proper planning and actually doing of a blog post, but combined with plans not following through, and me having a weird dizzy spell for three days, I didn’t actually do what I wanted. Instead I sat on the couch and made a new recipe book for our family. I hated our current box system. We have a wooden box with alphabet tabs to hold all of our notecards. This system made it hard to find anything, let alone organize. Do cookies go with C because they are cookies, or D because its a dessert? Don’t even get me started on the whole Chili debate. In an order to sort the chaos I sat and watched Netflix while hand writing (again) all of our recipes into a neat, organized system. I still have more to write out, but I am pleased with the results and how much easier this is than the box of notecards.


I would say that next week I’ll be better, but I will be out of the office on vacation. Be on the look out for my next post, which will probably be a collage of pictures of our trip and what we did!

:: If you know me personally, and are in the area, my baking skills are for hire! Contact me to set something up.

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