DIY Fridge Face Makeover

If you own a fridge, I guarantee that the face of your fridge looks like my before photo.

You have photos, postcards, save the dates, invites, that project your kid did in Sunday school, and who knows what else gets slapped on with a magnet.

Our fridge had wedding invites and thank you cards from weddings TWO YEARS ago! (and yes, it included our own)

While we didn’t have too much on our fridge, it was definitely disorganized and loads of wasted space and potential as we took up two surfaces, just see below.


We used a dry erase board for our shopping list, while having a tear away board next to it for meal planning and another shopping list. We never used it, I still don’t even know how it made it on the fridge.

The entire look and function of our fridge face had been bothering me for a while, so I did what any sane individual who has a slight obsessive need to micro organize everything, I went to the dollar store!

I purchased all I needed for this project from 3 stores, because my dollar store isn’t the best and barely even had the frames I wanted. I chose a black, white, and gold theme because it is a classic style that will transfer well and matches the crazy color scheme we’ve currently got going on in our house.

::Frames- Dollar Tree ::Magnets, Cork Coasters, Cards- Hobby Lobby ::Washi Tape, Mini Clothes Pins- Target :: Calendar- Printed Offline

I am thrilled with the turn out, and have plenty of leftover supplies to add to it once we move. Our fridge isn’t the best for this project, the face is small and the magnetic capabilities are extremely weak (seriously the amount of magnets it took was too many in my book, and the two little frames still slide if you aren’t too careful)

I streamlined what is placed on the fridge and framed what was most important to keep over time: A calendar, our wedding invitation, shopping list. The mini clothes pins are perfect for holding current postcards, save the dates, and other important, yet dated materials. The cork circles are cute and have mustache push pins (yeah I know, not photographed) for receipts, post it notes, or whatever else the clothes pin magnets can’t hold.

My favorite part is that it can still be eclectic, but not look like a disaster zone. I’m a fan of random objects thrown together, yet still being cohesive. A method to the madness if you will.

I’ve kept the container with the markers on the side of the fridge, because there isn’t enough space on the front to hold them, and I’m afraid that they will fall off when you open and close the freezer (yeah it really is a weak fridge).

Let me know what you think of this idea, and if you’ve been inspired and decide to take on your fridge, take a before and after and comment with it below so others can be inspired too!

:: Life Updates ::

  • Joseph came in 1st place for the Fitch Beach Award (the highest award granted to graduating PhD students in the ENTIRE College of Engineering)
  • Joseph also won Outstanding Graduate Student in the CSE department (his branch of the engineering college)
  • The fact that it’s April and we are moving soon has hit
  • I want to film baking videos and put them on Youtube (if you’d watch let me know!)
  • No, I haven’t remade the Thin Mints yet, I have plans to do that with a friend so you’ll have to be patient



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