Spring Break :: An Update

It’s time for an update! Yes, for those of you who’ve already signed on for the entire journey (hi mom!) you are probably thinking “you just got started, and already have to update us? what gives?”

Here is a timeline: We launched the Blog, you’ve read the two posts and now…

The end of February leading into March is a unique time in the Roth household. Typically there is a deadline for Joseph, which means a few things but basically he is off working hard, even more so than normal. As for myself, usually this is the time for midterms, however since I have graduated I no longer have that stress and am actually enjoying that fact.

“But Lynnette if you don’t have school, why are you still busy?”

Enter the wonderful time that is Spring Break.

For those of you that know our story, Joseph and I met through our college ministry. I joined my freshman year of undergrad, and he his first year of graduate school. Fast forward five years and while things in our lives have changed, our involvement in our ministry has not. We both lead bible studies, meet up with with younger individuals to encourage them, and do a whole host of other things God has called us to do in this ministry.

One of those things is Spring Break. Every year the college group loads up several vans and a large tour bus full of eager young college students looking for a break from the snow and an environment that isn’t like what you see in the movies.

We spend a week down in Florida, using this time as an opportunity to share the gospel with friends we’ve been reaching out to, and to be encouraged by a speaker. Think church retreat or conference but on a more funkier scale. Six of use live together for a week in condos, creating a much more intimate bond, while on a large scale the whole group going to the beach for baptisms, swimming, surfing, general warm weather enjoyment and gathering at the resorts main building to hear from our speaker.

It is a week full of genuine relationships and a reminder of what we are called to do as followers of Christ.

I have been blessed to participate for two years, this year being my third. My first year I was the new kid, I packed a bag, hopped in a car and soaked up everything. While being that person who was new to everything, including a relationship with God, was fun and exciting, I have to say I enjoy Spring Break more now.

As a ‘seasoned’ veteran I now know all the hard work, planning, and intentionality that goes into this wonderful week. I have been fortunate enough to lead a condo last year, and be asked to do so again this year.

Being a leader means Spring Break is not meant for me.

Being a leader means Spring Break is not just swimming, surfing, and warm weather.

Being a leader means that this week, I am a servant of God.

While yes, we are called everyday to die to self, take up our cross, and serve God, Spring Break is perhaps one of those times where you especially set yourself aside and allow God to use you for His work.

Instead of this being a retreat where you get to rest, relax, and rejuvenate (as it was my first year), it is now a stressful, exhausting, and most fulfilling week you could ever experience.

That being said, there is much that goes on behind the scenes that I was blind to my first year.

I am currently spending my days prepping, praying, and preparing my heart and mind for the roller coaster that is Spring Break.

This week I am setting aside my needs, and serving those who are in my condo. If you know me personally you know that there is no greater joy for me than serving others. God has gifted me with the ease of setting myself and my needs aside for others, so this week is perhaps my favorite week of the year.

Therefore, this update serves as two things.

1: To let you know why the blog will be silent for the next week and

2: To ask for prayer

:: Please pray for guidance as I lead small group sessions with my condo

:: Please pray for strength as I sacrifice sleep, wake up early, and make myself available 24/7 to serve my girls just as I was served my first year

:: Please pray that I will remember to rest and not lose myself and forget that in order for me to serve, I need to be right physically and mentally in order for God to use me (which is so easy to forget when you love to serve others as much as I do, I tend to feel selfish and beat myself up for taking time to myself to do necessary things like sleep)

:: Please pray for strength as I will be 1,241 miles away from Joseph (who is unable to attend this year) and I know that I will miss him terribly, strength as I sacrifice another birthday (which always falls during this week)

:: Perhaps most of all, please pray for those going on the trip that through this they may see God, His grace, and come to know what it means to follow Him, and that He uses me this week for His purposes, for I am not my own.

Thanks for reading, making it to the end of this extremely long post, and understanding that while I have plans for this blog and am excited for the journey, I first must serve my Lord.


:: Some things to look forward to after break: My first Pinterest hack where I show you how to achieve those oh so simple looking chocolate bowls out of balloons, another sewing project, and details about hiring my baking/sewing services if you are interested! Comment and let me know what you’re looking forward to, and what you want to see me tackle from the world that is Pinterest ::


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