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Alright, so remember when I was super excited to have a series where I take those Pinterest hacks, that typically end up as Pinterest fails, and try and re-hack them to actually make them successful?

Wonderful concept. Who doesn’t want to know how to accomplish those things we see on Pinterest, which lets face it can be very intimidating?

Well my first hack was going to be figuring out how to actually do those chocolate bowls from balloons, because an edible bowl is way better than a normal boring bowl.

I had my supplies, set up my kitchen, got my camera set up and was ready to go slow and figure it all out.

What started as awesome quickly turned into disaster. Chocolate was everywhere, barely stayed on the balloon, and I just could not get this one to work.

I felt very defeated, very frustrated, and overall just mad that I couldn’t have a delicious chocolate bowl.

In conclusion, I am still searching for another hack to test out and officially start my series because I do believe it could be super fun. For now you get a post about how I failed at trying to make something not fail.

If you have a Pinterest Pin that you want me to make/test out/figure out how it works, send it to me via Pinterest (you can follow me by clicking the button in my side bar!) or link it in the comments below.

:: Life Updates ::

I’ve decided that at the end of each post, or maybe just the posts I want to, I will include a mini life update, so you can see whats new, or just what Joseph and I have been up to recently, without having to write a long post, and this also gives people the option of ignoring them if they only care about the above content. If you’re still reading, cool, if not, well then you wouldn’t even know what I am saying!

  • I’ve set up an online profile to start freelance writing.
  • Joseph is extremely close to graduating!
  • I’ve been folding my laundry the KonMari way, while still folding Joseph’s the ‘normal’ way (if I detested laundry before, then you don’t want to know how I feel now!)
  • I turned 23

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