Cake Pop Surprise

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by a close friend to help her surprise her husband for his birthday. As a vet med student, finishing up her last semester before finally having that title, she rarely has time for herself, let alone her husband. They truly are a strong couple and so sweet. She came to me with a vision.

Knowing that they would be spending the day with a few dozen teenagers, she wanted to make sure he still had something to celebrate with. Both of them work with our church’s Senior High ministry and this weekend is their retreat. So, a surprise that could survive a van ride with 30+ teenagers and a few adults, with no one knowing (kids tend to not be able to keep surprises) and lasting until he thought his birthday celebration wasn’t happening, was a task.

Welcome Cake Pops! Simple to make, easy to eat, and oh so adorable.

How cute is this teapot by the way!
How cute is this teapot by the way!

I have to give her most of the credit, she came to me with the idea of cake pops for a few reasons:

  1. She remembered that Joseph and I made all the cake pops for our wedding, and her husband really enjoyed them
  2. They transport easier than cupcakes or a cake
  3. Cake pops are easier to serve while on a weekend retreat, where everything is a bit more rustic

I made two flavors: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting (his favorite) and Vanilla with Chocolate. Each one dipped in coordinating candy coating and sprinkled with sugar crystal sprinkles.


They taste amazing and each are individually wrapped to make transport even more easier. I love baking and baking for friends, each time I learn something new and can add more to my portfolio. Although I think you’ve made it when you do all of the cake pops for your own wedding and your guests were clueless!

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