Burlap and Lace

We all know this trend, during wedding season you sit and sigh as you go to yet another wedding whose theme has one, or all, of those buzzwords: Vintage, Chic, Retro, Country, Rustic. All of which looks exactly like the wedding you went to last week, while someone else is arguing that this Country Chic is different from the Rustic Country Chic because it incorporates a more Vintage-y vibe that turns out is more Classic. What?

No matter where you stand on wedding trends, one thing is for sure, you will probably see a combination of burlap and lace.

It is unavoidable.

And lets be honest, you know you love it.

There is something about the combination that creates a desire to only own burlap and lace. It is a look that seems effortless yet durable, add a bit of lace and BAM, you’ve got that layer of softness that rounds out the whole package.

I found some really great printed burlap that I knew I wanted to turn into a bag of some sort. I wanted to accent it nicely without making it look like a potato sack. Yes the print is there, but lets be real, two square pieces of burlap sewn together with a zipper opening–yawn.

But a printed burlap bag with lace? And not just lace, but a lace ruffle? Sold.

Front of bag
Back of bag











The lace instantly takes the piece up a notch and gives it that–Rustic yet Chic– vibe that we all know so well.

The interior is lined with a simple black fabric, which will hide any exploding pens or other form of massacre that may occur. I added a stabilizer to the burlap to make it extra durable, which isn’t necessary but I wanted that extra layer between the exterior and lining fabrics which also helps with the wear and tear and gives you a cushion for your precious cargo inside. The bottom is squared off giving more storage room, instead of it being a flat pouch. I think it gives the bag a nice shape to hold multiple items like mini notebooks, makeup pallets, small electronics etc.

I love how this look turned out, and am excited to make more versions of this classic combo, I mean, I did buy 2 yards.

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